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Since this area represents a recurring and increasing problem in most companies today, we have developed a technique of recruitment and personnel selection "ready to work".

We offer a quick, full and efficient answer to your personnel request, placing the person in the position in the least possible time and "ready to work".

That is, your company sends us a full detailed request of the position and MCO takes the responsibility to look for whoever is best fit, searching our own data base, mass media networks and publications.

A short-list (of three candidates) pre-selected will be submitted to the area manager who has made the request, choosing one of the pre-selected candidates. Should none of them meet the company's expectations, the process will start over again until the "area manager" finds the right candidate. Once selected said candidate must pass the occupational test (included in the service) and then his joining the company will be coordinated.

Highlights of the process:

  • This process might take up to three weeks as from the reception of the position's description.

  • Guarantee of the trial period (three months). Should the party not last more than three months in the position, whatever the motive be, MCO will undertake the search again at no cost.

  • This tertiarization tool will decrease considerably the turnover of your personnel and will guarantee a specific search for the requested profile.


We hold agreements with different training centers considering the principal areas of your company: sales, administration, taxes, team work and coaching, among others.


It basically consists of evaluating organizational culture through a survey of work environment.

This is a device used to improve organization's domestic deflections before they turn into real problems. It allows to detect personnel problems on time and strengthens work environment within the organization.


It is a device of administrative outsourcing and settlement of wages.

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