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Occupational Health for Companies

Cover Occupational Health for Companies


This service is carried out when the employee has an illness he believes to have caught at work and it enables him to file a claim. In order to verify this said service is required where engaged professional physicians and qualified specialists issue their reports on such matter.

RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE: Basically, there are three types and it is agreed with the client according to the volume of work involved:

  • Rendering of services.

  • Monitored service (feasible up to a certain amount of services, whichever they might be).

  • Capitated service: according to the number of employees, a fixed amount per month is agreed on to provide services.

Superintendencia de Servicios de Salud - Órgano de Control de Obras Sociales y Entidades de Medicina Prepaga - 0800-222-SALUD (72583) - No de Registro de Prestador SSSALUD: 1519/13